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SEO Simplified

The easiest way for a person to search a product or service over internet is, using a Search Engine. A better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign has been observed to generate over 300% increase in Return on Investment (ROI). Therefore this aspect of a website is of extreme importance.

Multiple Styles has all the expertise in terms of human and software, to improve the ranking of your website on all the major search engines. High ranking of your website will increase the chances of potential customers to visit your website rather than your competitors’. There are many ways of increasing the ranking of a website on search engines and Multiple Styles do not disregard any one of them.

Search Engines normally use Web Crawler to gather information from World Wide Web. This information is used to determine the rank of a website. Web crawlers also look for Hyperlinks within a web site, these links are added in the list of URLs of the crawler to visit and thus a complex network of data is received by the search engines to determine a rank for that website.

Popularity of a website is another approach used by search engines to determine its ranking. Different websites are connected with each other through Backlinks, these links generate a genuine traffic on a specific website from other websites and increase the popularity of that particular website. Being connected on Social Networking Sites, writing blogs on interesting topics are some of the approaches to divert worldwide audience to your website from another one.

Metatags is also an effective tool to improve the ranking of a website. Customer uses different keywords to search a product or service over internet and search engines list down the websites that possess such keywords in text or Metatags. Therefore, it is extremely important to know the keywords that customers frequently use while searching a specific product or service. Our experts will conduct an extensive research to find out frequently used keywords for your products or services and will incorporate them in text and Metatags of your website.

With SEO services of Multiple Styles, you can always remain on top of your competitors on all the major search engines.